New York City Tenant Wins Settlement in Landlord Negligence Case

Tenant wins settlement in landlord negligence case

Tenant wins settlement in landlord negligence case

A woman has settled a $350,000 negligence case against her landlord after she slipped on a greasy spot in her apartment building and fell backwards down several stairs, suffering broken bones in the fall. The woman underwent surgery for the broken bone, and had to undergo several months of therapy to rehabilitate her injuries, which were too severe to allow her to return to her job. The landlord agreed to pay the large settlement (thereby implicitly acknowledging its negligence) because evidence showed that a large amount of debris was left in the hallway where the woman fell. This debris was a significant contributing factor in the fall, and led the landlord to agree to the large settlement rather than face an even larger jury verdict.

Landlord negligence is serious misconduct. If you or someone you love has been injured on the property of another, do not hesitate to contact a New York landlord negligence attorney at The Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum. During a free consultation we will help you evaluate the facts and circumstances of your case and determine the proper course of action to help you recover for your injuries.

What is Landlord Negligence?

Landlords in New York have a legal duty to maintain safe living standards in multi-unit buildings that are rented to tenants. When landlord conduct falls below this duty and tenants are injured as a result of the conduct, the landlords have engaged in negligent conduct. Therefore, those tenants who have been injured by the landlord’s acts or omissions may have an action to recover for their injuries.

Long ago the State of New York enacted laws to protect the safety of NYC apartment residents. Nevertheless, many NYC landlords ignore the laws and allow the properties they own and/or manage to fall into disrepair and inhabitability. All landlords and property owners must follow all city and state laws and regulations in keeping their property safe for residents and their visitors in both the private and community areas. Common violations include (but are not limited to) the following:

• Burns;
• Exposed wires;
• Hot water;
• Broken locks;
• Faulty elevators;
• Slippery or wet spots;
• Holes in walls leading to vermin infestation;
• Faulty lighting; and
• Sharp objects in hallways.

When you are living on a property where the owner acted in a negligent manner with respect to an unsafe condition causing you to be injured, you may have recourse against the landlord for damages.

Why Should I Contact a New York Landlord Negligence Attorney if I Am Injured as the Result of Negligent Behavior by My Landlord?

Landlord negligence cases involve complex legal issues and complicated sets of facts. When you contact a skilled New York landlord negligence attorney at The Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum at (718) 237-5586, you can be certain that we will advise you of all of the rights you may have with respect to your damages or injuries, including a civil personal injury lawsuit. We will help ensure that you and your family will receive maximum compensation for pain and suffering, lost earnings, past and future medical bills, and other damages you may have incurred.

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