How a good Brooklyn personal injury lawyer protects you from being taken advantage of by insurance company lawyers

What is the value of your personal injury claim? You’ll be surprised how the amount varies depending on your particular circumstances and on who you ask. Insurance company representatives and lawyers are known for reducing or denying the value of your claim. These lawyers are not on your side. Understandably, they’re working for insurance companies that would rather not pay or  pay you less than what your claim’s worth. This is where a good Brooklyn personal injury lawyer like Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum comes in. He can expertly represent you. Mr. Kestenbaum is experienced in protecting the rights of the injured and dealing with insurance companies.

Mr. Kestenbaum will protect you from being taken advantage of by the defendents insurance company lawyers. Here’s how you can benefit from retaining him. Remember, his services are free unless he recovers money for you.

Get Full Compensation

As an injured victim, the defendants insurance company can be ordered by the courts or agree through negotiation to pay for your medical costs and injury-related expenses. You should also get fully compensated for the following:

  • actual income lost because of your pain and future salary or wage loss
  • permanent physical disability and discomfort
  • emotional or psychological suffering such as loss of sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, memory loss or personality changes.

There are many more particulars of your accident that entitles you to a fair compensation. The defendants  insurance company will  not cover your current medical expenses without being made to by the courts or mediators. Your personal injury may require ongoing therapy or medication. You are much better off  having a good  Brooklyn personal injury lawyer like Jeffrey K..Kestenbaum who can help you get fair and full compensation.

Expert Negotiation & Trial Skills

The only way for you to win your case is to get a lawyer. This seems simple and obvious but you would be surprised how many people are tempted to deal with the defendant’s insurance company by themselves. This is especially true if the insurance companies’ adjusters or lawyers know you have a strong potential case, they may make an offer to try to have you settle quickly without the advice of your own lawyer. They know that once you have legal counsel they may have to pay the true value of your injuries.

It is very important that after an accident you speak to no one except the medical professionals who may treat you, any police or emergency service persons who arrive at the accident scene or your lawyer Do not make any statements like “I think it was my fault” or “I’m fine”. It is important to accept medical attention and to get checked out; especially after a car accident.You may have injuries that are not immediately apparent without medical evaluation.

As your lawyer, Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum will investigate the facts of the case, get expert medical opinions on the extent of your injuries and help you decide whether your case outcome is best if handled through mediation and negotiation or if it needs to be pursued in court. In either case, his years of personal injury law experience give you an advantage over the other side’s lawyers who do not have the same passion for justice that he has. The defendant’s insurance companies’ defense lawyers may be qualified & experienced but do not share Mr. Kestenbaum’s commitment for obtaining justice for those injured by other’s negligence.

You need a lawyer who knows how other parties calculate the compensation and negotiate from there. Remember, determining the final amount you’ll get is not an exact science. The defendant’s  insurance company will have qualified defense lawyers or legal experts to reduce or deny your claim. It’s the job of your personal injury lawyer to make sure you get the full amount your injuries deserve.

Contact good Brooklyn personal injury lawyer to protect you

Get the full compensation you are entitled to. Contact the law office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum today and schedule your free consultation. If you’re injured and cannot meet us in person, He will come to you. Call us at (718) 237-5586.

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