New York Construction Worker Crushed By Concrete Wall


A concrete wall recently fell on and killed a 47-year-old construction worker who had been working at a construction site at a Long Island home.

According to authorities, the worker and two other men had been installing a staircase in a basement apartment that was under renovation in Huntington Station. The workers had built two retaining walls for an outside entrance. When they were in the process of installing steps for the staircase, one of the retaining walls unexpectedly fell and killed one of the workers. Emergency personnel responding to the scene pronounced the man dead at the construction site. Fortunately, the other construction workers did not suffer any injuries.

According to the police, the worker who died had been running the construction site. It was not immediately known whether the worker had the necessary license. Furthermore, a spokesman for the town of Huntington Station said that there was no permit for the work at the home and that the owner would likely receive a summons. Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials had also been notified of the accident and called to the scene to investigate.

Excavation Safety Guidelines

According to OSHA, every month about two construction workers are killed in trench collapses. Every employer has the responsibility to provide a safe work environment free from dangerous hazards that may cause serious injury or death.

Trenching and excavation can pose serious dangers for workers, including cave-ins, falls, falling loads, hazardous atmospheres, and incidents involving mobile equipment. It is therefore important that safety measures and rules are followed. In this regard, OSHA provides a list of some general rules:

● Keep heavy equipment away from trenches;
● Identify areas that may affect the stability of trenches;
● Keep excavated soil and materials away for the edges of trenches;
● Test for atmospheric pressures;
● Before each day of work, inspect trenches for safety and stability;
● Make sure to test the stability of a trench after the occurrence of any event that could compromise the integrity of a trench; and
● Do not work under suspended loads or materials.

If your employer is not providing a safe construction site, you should request that your employer provide the necessary safety measures. Contact a New York personal injury attorney to understand your rights to a safe workplace.

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