Former Tennis Star James Blake Tackled by Police: Mistaken Identity

ames blake and police brutality

Tackled by undercover law enforcement, slammed on the ground, handcuffed and detained – this was not the experience former tennis star James Blake was expecting when he was en route to attend a U.S. Open event in Flushing. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened, according to a recent Time Magazine report. Mistaken for an identity theft suspect, 35-year-old Blake reports not one of the plain-clothed Caucasian officers identified themselves when they tackled him in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Midtown. The Harvard-educated former professional athlete was waiting for a car ride and had just finished an interview with a magazine writer.

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Personal Injury Basics

  • Initial consultation with an attorney: prior to taking your case an attorney will ask several questions about your injury and the accident that caused it, including details about medical treatment, other parties involved, and witnesses. Legal fees and costs anticipated if retained will also be discussed.
  • Filing the lawsuit: your attorney will file legal documents (known as pleadings) and serve the defendant(s).
  • Fact-finding and discovery: this begins the investigative stage of a lawsuit, and may occur by way of written discovery, document production and/or depositions. This is often one of the most combative parts of the process.
  • Pre-trial motions: even though the lawsuit has been filed, a case can end several ways before it gets to a judge and/or jury. This includes dismissals, summary judgment, and default judgment, among others.
  • Settlement negotiations: statistically, the majority of lawsuits never make it to trial, as settlement is faster and less costly for all parties.
  • The trial: this provides both sides with the opportunity to present their best case. After all parties have presented their arguments, a judge and/or a jury decide liability.
  • Collecting post-judgment: if and when a case is won, the court issues a judgment against the losing party. It is the winner’s burden, however, to seek out and collect the damages owed.
  • Appealing the loss: most decisions by state and federal courts are subject to judicial review for any errors of law. Trial and appeals seem similar but, in fact, they are very different.

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