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Kitchen Accidents Caused by Negligent Landlords and When to Hire a Kitchen Accident Attorney

If you rent an apartment, condo, or house, you likely have a landlord who is responsible for fixing things that break and addressing safety concerns before they cause accidents. Kitchen accidents are among the most common types of accidents that occur in a home, and they are sometimes due to the negligence of landlords who aren’t properly doing their jobs.

This article explores the nature of kitchen accidents in rental homes and what you can do if you are injured in your kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Accidents

There are many things that can go wrong in a kitchen because of the various types of appliances, electrical wiring components, and heavy pieces of machinery. Fires in a kitchen can be caused because a renter isn’t paying attention, but they can also be caused by broken ovens or stovetops. Kitchen accidents involving fire can also be caused by faulty wires and hoses, toxic fumes due to gas leaks, and uneven tiles that cause a person to fall.

Meanwhile, it is possible for an improperly installed large appliance to fall onto an inhabitant and cause injuries. Because of a leaky sink, dishwasher, or ice maker, a person could slip and fall on a wet kitchen floor and be injured. Skin burns, cuts from knives, and spilling boiling water are also common kitchen accidents that occur in New York.

Can You Sue Your Landlord for Kitchen Accidents?

Depending on the nature of your kitchen accident, yes, you may be able to sue your landlord for a kitchen accident. This is because landlords have a responsibility to maintain a habitable building and comply with New York’s implied warranty of habitability. This involves providing functioning hot water and electricity and making sure that rental properties are free of gas leaks, toxic fumes, and cracking walls and tiles.

For these types of cases, it is important to determine who the negligent parties are and work with an experienced attorney who knows the local laws and can apply them to your advantage in your case. A negligence claim against a landlord requires you to have substantial evidence to support your claim in court, such as photos of the hazardous condition and testimonies from neighbors who have experienced similar conditions. However, you cannot receive compensation for damages from your landlord if you solely caused the hazardous condition in your apartment or rental house.

When to Consult a Kitchen Accident Attorney

It is your right as a New York City renter to have a safe and clean rental property to live in, and if your landlord breeched his or her duty to provide this, you can file a kitchen accident landlord negligence claim. The Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum can help you with this and go over all the details of your case to determine the best course of action to proceed with a claim.

To learn more and to tell us about your kitchen accident, please contact us online or by phone at 718-237-5586.

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