What to do if you’ve been the Victim of an Accident in Brooklyn

If you’ve been involved in a  car accident, been hurt on the job or have sustained any sort of personal injury due to an accident that was no fault of your own, it’s important to understand that you are a victim. Having expert legal representation on your side is a protection that is worth your time and energy and will guarantee that you have someone fighting for your rights. Insurance companies are well known for taking advantage of people that are unfamiliar with their rights and different aspects of what the law warrants.

When victims don’t have experienced, knowledgeable lawyers on their side to ensure that they get the maximum compensation and medical care that they deserve, they can easily be shorted through quick, forced settlements. Insurance companies often use intimidating tactics and legal jargon to unsettle victims and scare them into signing quick settlements that aren’t beneficial to them. Don’t become a victim twice over. Protect yourself! Call a car accident lawyer.

Why you shouldn’t wait to talk to an Attorney

Being injured in a car accident or any accident really doesn’t mean that your injuries will show up overnight. Often, serious injuries take time to develop and surface. Unfortunately, if you haven’t been preemptive in covering your bases, you may find yourself unable to work much later down the line, paying hefty medical bills years later for an accident that you thought you had fully recovered from.

Did you know that there are statutes of limitations in effect in NYC that make it harder for victims to file claims years later? In addition, the longer you wait to file, the harder it is to prove your case due to loss and deterioration of key evidence. Don’t let ill conceived advice come back to hurt you in the long run. Having expert, aggressive legal representation on your side will ensure that you are protected on all ends. You want lawyers that will fight for you and all that you deserve.

Don’t delay any longer! If you’ve been hurt and you’re unsure of what your next move should be, contact the law office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum today for a completely free consultation with no strings attached. You can call us at (718) 237-5586 to schedule an appointment and if your injuries prevent you from coming into the office, we will come to you. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, so protect yourself today.


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