Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Without a doubt, motorcycles are one of the most fun and exciting ways to get around New York City. However, NYC’s fatal crash rate for motorcyclists is nearly twice as much as other types of motorists. While motorcyclists face unique safety challenges, we believe that they deserve fair legal protection when accidents occur.

Here is an overview of what a motorcycle accident attorney does and when you might need to call one to protect your legal rights. Because of the nature of motorcycle accidents and the severity of injuries they often cause, it is important to have an attorney on your side to help you make the best of a terrible situation if one should ever occur.

When and Where Local Motorcycle Accidents Occur

Although motorcycle accidents can happen at any time, studies show that they are most likely during afternoons and evenings, as well as on weekends. There tend to be the most motorcycle injury crashes during the summer; however, alcohol tends to be less of a factor in these crashes than in other motor vehicle accidents.

Something unique about motorcycle crashes is that they are most common on city streets in New York instead of major highways. Poor visibility is one of the major factors in these accidents, as well as right angle and left turn movements. Lane-splitting, poor road conditions due to weather, and insufficient motorcycling training and experience are other causes. Yet it is far too common for a motorcyclist in New York to get hit by a negligent driver who wasn’t paying attention or wasn’t keeping an eye out for smaller vehicles in blind spots on the road.

Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident injuries are often severe since the rider is exposed and faced with the intense collision of a car, SUV, or truck. One less-serious injury that often results is road rash, but even this often requires extensive treatment to restore serious cuts, scrapes, and bruises of the skin.

Motorcyclists often suffer from spinal cord injuries and head injuries after being hit in traffic, which can lead to full or partial paralysis or even death. A motorcyclist’s legs and arms are often injured in a crash as well, which leads to bone fractures and damage to the muscles and nerves. Because all of these injuries can be so devastating, it’s important to have a motorcycle accident attorney on your side to help you pursue the at-fault party and help pay for your medical bills, missed time from work, and damages for pain and suffering.

What a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Does

Motorcyclist accident attorneys fight for the rights of injured motorcyclists who have been hurt. They are a valuable asset to motorcyclists because insurance companies are notorious for blaming motorcyclists for accidents and paying less than what’s fair in motorcycle accident settlements.

A good motorcycle accident attorney will be your voice and answer insurance adjustors’ questions on your behalf. These attorneys know how to gather all the relevant crash information, talk to emergency responders, interview witnesses, and analyze evidence to prove your case. There are many legal issues to consider after a motorcycle crash, such as who was at fault for the crash and whether defective vehicle equipment was partially to blame. It’s also important for motorcycle accident lawyers to keep their clients informed every step of the way and encourage their clients to never sign any paperwork or accept a settlement without proper legal consultation.

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Brooklyn

Out of all five boroughs, Brooklyn has the second-highest motorcycle fatality rate per registration, only after the Bronx. The need for highly experienced and compassionate motorcycle accident attorneys here is great, which is why we are proud to serve you with dedicated and aggressive representation.

Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum, Esq. handles many types of personal injury cases, including motorcycle cases with injuries that range from very minor to extremely severe. We are well-versed in the local laws regarding motorcycles and have the experience and reputation you need to handle your motorcycle claim and get you the compensation you deserve.

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