Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyer

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The construction industry is one of the highest risk industries for accidents, including wrongful death, head, neck and back injuries, and broken bones. It has the third highest death rate from injuries caused on the job site behind mining and the agriculture industries. If you’ve been involved in an accident on a construction site, it’s necessary to seek competent legal representation from a Brooklyn construction accident attorney.

Even job sites with very strict supervision can be dangerous. Working in this industry puts you at risk every day and you generally cannot sue your employer in the state of New York. However, you can sue others responsible for the accident, such as property owners, manufacturers, distributors, contractors and even architects. If they are liable for the accident, your lawyer will help you gain full compensation. Pedestrians and non-construction worker employees can also be victims of work site injuries. We fight to protect the rights of all persons injured at construction sites due to another party’s negligence.

How Your Local Brooklyn Construction Accident Attorney Will Help

Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum will be able to evaluate your case and find the responsible party. Once negligence has been established, he will investigate all the details and build a strong case on your behalf. He will file a claim and work with the negligent parties insurance companies’ lawyers in order to achieve a favorable settlement.

If a settlement cannot be agreed upon, your lawyer will take the matter to court and fight your case. You may receive compensation for any current and future medical bills, lost wages and any pain and suffering caused by the accident. Worker’s compensation benefits will help, but they won’t cover everything. Make sure you receive full and fair compensation with the help of a construction accident attorney in Brooklyn or the Bronx.

What Type of Cases Does A Construction Accident Lawyer Handle?

With the many dangers of the construction industry present on every job site, construction accident lawyers handle many different types of cases. Here are a few of the types of accidents these attorneys deal with:

If you suffered serious injuries and someone else is to blame, you are entitled to financial compensation. Injuries caused by these accidents can range from life-threatening. You shouldn’t be held responsible for the new financial obligations that come along with injuries you didn’t cause.

Many fatal injuries are caused by a fall. Sometimes construction companies try to cut corners and don’t provide workers with the necessary safety equipment. Other times, the equipment is faulty and causes the fall leading to serious injuries. Whether you or someone you love has fallen from a ladder, roof, scaffolding or any other elevated area; you need a Brooklyn construction accident attorney on your side.

Contact A Trusted Construction Accident Attorney in Brooklyn

Construction accidents can cause a large amount of emotional, financial, physical stress, and can also cause loss of life or limb. You don’t need to face this time alone. Our accident attorneys will help you file your claims and gain the compensation you deserve. If you or someone you love suffered serious injuries due to an accident, contact us today at (718) 237-5586 and let us provide you with a free consultation.