Brooklyn Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer


Brain injuries are some of the most serious injuries a person can suffer. This complex organ is also very fragile. Over one million Americans sustain head injuries every year and many die as a result of the injury. When an accident happens and it causes you or someone you love to suffer a brain injury of any type, you need a traumatic brain injury attorney in Brooklyn or the Bronx to fight on your behalf.

Even though many people make a full recovery after suffering a traumatic brain injury, nearly 80,000 people in the United States end up disabled every year. Not only could you end up with a long-term disability, but making a full physical and mental recovery will require a large financial commitment. It is our goal to make those responsible for the conditions that caused your brain injury accountable.

An Aggressive Bronx Brain Injury Attorney Can Help

Hiring an aggressive, experienced lawyer like Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum to handle your case will help to ensure that you gain full and fair compensation. This may include, but is not limited to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and for any pain and suffering, you’ve endured. You need a Brooklyn traumatic brain injury lawyer capable of getting you the maximum compensation you deserve. Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum has a proven track record and fights aggressively for all his clients.

Some of the Causes of Brain Injuries

Over half of head injuries happen in a motor vehicle accident, but traumatic brain injuries can also result from a fall or a falling object striking someone’s head. Sometimes many parties are responsible for the accident. Insurance company lawyers are trained to shift the blame away from their client either towards the injured victim or another party. Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum, your brain injury lawyer in Brooklyn, New York will make sure all liable parties are held accountable.

With the help of an experienced brain injury attorney like Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum, recovering the full compensation you are entitled to is possible.

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If you or someone you love recently suffered brain injuries due to an accident or the negligence of another party, you need to call Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum today. He will aggressively fight for justice in your case. He can help you gain compensation for any lost wages, current, and future medical bills diminished cognitive abilities and pain and suffering.

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