Brain Injuries Too Serious to Escape Detection

No matter the cause, brain injuries are scary due to their complex character. Further, these types of injuries occur from a vast variety of accidents. Brain injuries also lead to devastating and catastrophic results that can leave victims incapable of working, relaxing, and doing the things they love (such as playing or socializing). They can also lead to significant medical bills and missed time at work or school. And what’s worse is that the signs and symptoms of a brain injury are not always readily apparent, which is what makes these types of injuries so frightening.

If you suspect that you or someone you love has suffered a traumatic brain injury, do not hesitate to seek immediate medical attention. A trained medical professional will evaluate your situation and prescribe the type of care necessary to rehabilitate the injury. However, if you suspect that a doctor or medical professional has made a mistake or failed to use reasonable care in treating you or your loved one’s brain injury, do not hesitate to contact a New York Brain Injury Attorney to help evaluate your case.

Misdiagnosis of a Brain Injury Leads to Catastrophic Results

Medical malpractice occurs when injury or death takes place as the direct result of a physician’s failure to properly diagnose or treat a medical condition. The injuries resulting from the physician’s negligent conduct can either be new or an aggravation of an existing injury or condition (like failing to properly diagnose or treat a brain injury). Medical malpractice is serious misconduct, and can cause serious consequences for the victims. Therefore, it is imperative that patients be as informed as possible when choosing a physician.

Illustrating the intersection between brain injury and medical malpractice is the story of Jessica Puckett’s five-year-old son, who was thrown off of a slide at a Youth Center in 2012. After the fall, the boy was twice taken to a medical facility, where he complained of head pain and a bump that was increasing in size. Both times he was told to rest and was given over-the-counter pain relievers. Three days after the fall the boy suffered a seizure at home and lost the ability to speak. He subsequently underwent two surgeries to remove fluid from his head.

By failing to ask the proper questions and get a handle on the extent of the boy’s injuries, the medical facility was unquestionably negligent in handling the matter. Now they are in the midst of a lawsuit to recover damages for the boy’s injuries. That said, nothing will be able to repair the physical damage the hospital caused the boy by failing to diagnose his injuries or the emotional toll that was taken on the family.

Why Should I Contact a New York Brain Injury Attorney?

Brain Injury cases involve complex sets of facts and legal issues. Further, defendants and their insurance carriers have teams of attorneys who are skilled at defending these types of cases and frequently will deflect the blame for the injury away from the defendants and even towards you. By hiring the experienced New York Brain Injury Attorney at the Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum you can be sure you are hiring a law firm that will provide skilled, effective representation to clients who suffer from brain injuries. Contact Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum today at 718-237-5586 for a free evaluation of your claims.

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