Attempt to Hide Gas Siphoning May Have Caused East Village Explosion

A blast occurred several weeks ago at a building in the East Village on 121 Second Avenue, near Brooklyn Landlord Negligence Accident LawyersEast Seventh Street. The blast killed two men and destroyed three nearby buildings. Following the explosion, law enforcement officials have been investigating to determine whether the explosion occurred as a result of an attempt to hide unauthorized siphoning of gas for tenants in one of the buildings.

Officials believe that gas from one or more lines was improperly siphoned off. When Consolidated Edison conducted an inspection of the property the same day, officials believe that the siphoning apparatus was dismantled or hidden. Inspectors apparently did not notice any signs of leaking gas or other safety concerns. After Consolidated Edison inspectors left, officials believe that something went wrong when siphoning of the gas resumed. Officials interviewed the owner of the sushi restaurant on the ground floor to determine how gas may have been siphoned to the tenants living above his restaurant.

Con Edison inspectors first discovered in early August that a gas line for the restaurant had been tapped to supply fuel to the tenants in the building, which Con Edison said created a “hazardous situation.” Tenants had apparently been siphoning off the gas until a bigger line could be approved for use in the building. Law enforcement officials are also investigating the building’s landlord and others. Officials want to determine how residents may have been instructed to respond to inquiries from Con Edison inspectors about their gas service.

Property Owners’ Liability for Injuries

Property owners and other parties responsible for maintaining and managing the condition of the property have a legal duty to maintain the property in a safe condition for other individuals who are lawfully on the property. Unfortunately, however, property owners too often fail to adequately maintain the condition of the property. When this occurs, people can suffer serious injuries or even die, as occurred in the gas explosion. Common situations when a property owner may be liable for one’s injuries include when the owner:

  • Fails to warn of broken sidewalks, faulty staircases & improper lighting
  • Fails to properly repair a defective or dangerous condition on the property, such as an illegal gas line;
  • Repairs the condition, but improperly repairs the condition or makes the condition worse;
  • Fails to block off a dangerous area; or
  • Fails to properly warn others of a dangerous condition.

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