3 Things You May Not Know About A Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

For some reason people treat auto accidents differently than they do accidents at a business or work site. Most Americans are fine just exchanging insurance information and not pursuing the matter unless there was obvious negligence involved. Worse is many do  not feel the need to get legal advice due to not wanting to be perceived as trying to make a quick buck from an accident. However here are 3 things you may not know about what a Brooklyn car accident lawyer can do for you.

1 – Attorneys  Work  for You

When you hire an experienced  auto accident attorney like Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum ,he is working for you and your interests only. This cannot not be said of the other drivers insurance lawyers. Their job is to defend their client against your claims by denying or shifting the blame onto you. So hiring an attorney can help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Also, an experienced Auto Accident  Lawyer like Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum will advise you to always get medical attention after an accident. What may not seem like more than a stiff neck or painful lower back may actually me a serious injury that left undiagnosed &  untreated, can cause a lifetime of misery & pain.

2 – Good attorneys are expensive

Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum, Brooklyn car accident lawyer is paid only if he is successful in collecting money for your injuries, lost income & medical bills. Unlike doctors, your first consultation with a Brooklyn car accident lawyer is free  whether you retain the attorney or not. There is more to auto accidents than just the liability and costs to your car. There are many hidden costs such as lost wages , potential future medical issues and the  disintegration of your quality of life. Your insurance probably won’t cover these important items. Again, seeking medical attention after you are involved in a auto accident is crucial.

3 –You Are Not Being Vindictive

Many accident victims worry that hiring an attorney will make other people think they are trying to profit from an accident. No-fault accident or not, you have to protect yourself and your family and ensure you get the settlement due you. It isn’t about getting back at the other person; it’s about doing right by your family because it will be your family which suffers if you develop expensive medical problems later stemming from the accident.

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