Taxi Cab Accidents: Common in NYC?

With more than 8 million people, New York is the city with the largest population in the United States. It is also one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the world as almost 50 million visitors come to the city each year. New York is home to more than 13,000 yellow taxis, but it is not always easy to find one when you need it. Unfortunately, some taxi cab drivers in New York City drive dangerously; therefore, it is important for the city to enforce rules and standards on taxi cab drivers.

New York City taxi accidents occur frequently. The accidents might involve pedestrians, bicycles or other vehicles. Each year, almost 5,000 accidents involving cabs are reported in New York City. Many of these accidents are due to competing taxi cabs, two cabs “dueling” for the same fare, distracted drivers or cell phone usage by drivers which despite it being illegal is still common. Many of these accidents result in serious injury or death. The injury and fatality rate is higher than regular cars because many people who ride in taxi cabs fail to wear a seat belt. If you’ve been in an accident where your taxi driver was driving recklessly, you should contact a New York car accident lawyer. The same is true if you are a pedestrian struck by a recklessly driven cab.

Driving in any city can often be dangerous. With so many people and cars, accidents frequently happen. The Taxi & Limousine Commission is supposed to help prevent the accidents and ensure that safety standards and procedures are being followed.

Taxi Accidents in New York City

Recently, an accident in which a taxi driver struck a pedestrian on a sidewalk resulted in a British tourist losing her foot. The taxi driver involved in the accident had numerous traffic violations on his record. He also caused another accident in the past, where a passenger was injured. When asked the particulars of those accidents, the TLC couldn’t even explain what had happened, including who the victim was or the severity of the victim’s injuries.

Part of the problem is that there is not enough enforcement of safety standards. “Over the past 15 months, New York City cab drivers have killed eight pedestrians,” says a recent New York Post article. One taxi cab driver in the city killed a 5 year old boy, and another driver struck and killed a cyclist. No charges were ever filed against the drivers in these accidents and in these types of cases, they rarely are. If the matter doesn’t go to the police, the drivers are back on the road, and some continue to text or talk on their cell phones while driving. Even if the matter is investigated by the police it does not guarantee that these drivers licenses will be suspended or revoked .All reckless drivers in New York City need to be held accountable for their actions, not just taxi cab drivers.

Another factor in accidents is how easy it is for someone to become a taxi driver in NYC. In London, drivers not only need to know the city geographically, but they must also have clean criminal records and pass a character evaluation—a process which takes three years. In New York, all that’s required is a driver’s license, an 80 hour class and a clean drug test.

Contact a Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

If you are in an accident involving a taxi, first and foremost, the most important thing is to ensure that you are safe and that you don’t need medical attention. If you are involved in a taxi accident, as a pedestrian or passenger, wait for the police or ambulance to arrive. Frequently, shock masks serious injuries that a medical examination will detect. This is especially true in accidents involving the head. If you feel the driver was reckless and liable for the accident, you need to make sure you document everything you can. Write down the driver’s name, phone number and taxi cab registration number. You also want to obtain the taxi cab company and phone number of the company. It’s also important to take note of the name and contact information of other drivers or pedestrians involved in the accident, as well as anyone who witnessed the accident.

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