Another New York Construction Accident: Concrete Slab Crushes Worker

Construction site accidents

Construction accidents account for 19 percent of fatalities in NY.

According to a 2012 report from the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health, construction is one of the deadliest industries for workers. Construction accidents accounted for 19 percent of occupational fatalities in New York. Transportation was the second most deadly sector in New York.

New York construction accidents are far too common and can cause serious injuries.  The New York office of OSHA believes that many construction accidents in New York can be prevented by making work sites safer and by enforcing health and safety regulations.

New York Construction Worker Crushed by Concrete Slab

Falling debris and objects commonly cause construction accidents and injuries. With proper precautions and safety measures, these types of accidents can be prevented. Last month,a construction worker tragically died after a piece of concrete from a building came loose and trapped the worker under the rubble.

The Midtown Manhattan construction site is being converted from a parking lot into a hotel. The accident occurred when the worker tried to secure the foundation of a building next to the construction site.

Officials did not immediately know the cause of the accident. The construction site, however, had received several complaints for violations prior to the accident. In addition, the construction company operating the site has received more than 200 building violations since 2006.

Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are inherently dangerous; they can involve the use of heavy machinery (such as cranes or bulldozers) and dangerous objects (such as scaffolding and power tools). Furthermore, construction sites can be exponentially more dangerous when weather and working conditions are poor. For this reason, it is imperative that appropriate safety measures are employed at construction sites and those employees are managed with the utmost care.

Unfortunately, safety measures are often disregarded and sites are not managed as they should be. Common causes of construction site accidents include:

  • Lack of protective helmets at construction sites;
  • Dangerous scaffolding, including missing cross bracing and planks, lack of safe access points, lack of proper restraint system to prevent tipping, and lack of protection to prevent objects from falling on workers;
  • Failure to properly secure workers to roofs or ladders;
  • Failure to provide proper barriers between workers and passing motorists or other work vehicles;
  • Failure to secure tools and equipment;
  • Excavation cave-ins, which can crush or bury workers beneath soil; and
  • Failure to properly train workers on basic safety precautions.

Contact a New York Construction Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction site accident, you should speak with an experienced New York construction accident attorney to understand your rights. Employers that fail to follow health and safety requirements can be liable for injuries caused at construction accidents. You may be able to recover compensation for your injuries.

Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum to evaluate your construction accident case and advise you on the appropriate course of action. Call us today for a free case consultation at (718) 237-5586 or visit our Brooklyn office which is located at 26 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11242 Suite1806.

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