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Slip and Fall Accidents Due to Sidewalk Defects

In New York City, slip and fall accidents can be caused by many things, including icy walkways, doorway obstructions, and medical conditions that affect a person’s balance. However, sidewalk defects are also a major cause of these injuries, which can be devasting and costly for unsuspecting pedestrians who fall victim to unsafe and unmaintained sidewalks.

Here’s what New Yorkers need to know about sidewalk defects, the injuries they can cause, and how to seek compensation for injuries due to broken walkways.

Examples of Sidewalk Defects

New York City has over 12,750 miles of sidewalks, and the NYC Department of Transportation replaces over two million square feet these sidewalks each year. Yet most of these replacements are on property owned by the City and in residential areas, and it’s still not enough to keep New Yorkers safe from slip and fall accidents.

The bulk of sidewalk maintenance duties fall upon property owners, who can be held negligent for accidents that occur on their property due to sidewalk hazards. Some of the most common sidewalk defects are collapsed sidewalks with significant breaks or potholes in the concrete, as well as tree roots growing through sidewalks. Improper slope of concrete and patchwork can cause sidewalk defects too. Additionally, sidewalk cracks and hardware commonly cause trip hazards in sidewalk surfaces.

Slip and Fall Injuries Due to Sidewalk Defects

Many different injuries can result from sidewalk defects, including twisted ankles, broken knees and cracked hips. If a person’s foot simply hits a sidewalk defect the wrong way, his or her motion can be propelled forward and even cause head injuries, concussions, wrist sprains, and bleeding. All of these injuries can result in high medical bills, extreme pain, and missed days of work.

Negligence for Sidewalk Defects

The law in New York City requires property owners to repair damaged sidewalk adjacent to their properties, and this includes intersection quadrants and pedestrian ramps for properties on corner lots. Moreover, Section 7-210 of the New York City Administrative Code holds property owners liable for injuries that pedestrians sustain due to their failure to keep sidewalks safe and clear of obstructions. The NYC Department of Transportation issues sidewalk violation notices to property owners for defective sidewalks, yet property owners can also be sued by plaintiffs who have suffered injuries before those repairs are made.

Slip and Fall Lawyer for Sidewalk Accidents

In New York, we rely upon our sidewalks every day to travel the City on foot and safely reach our destinations. If potholes, cracks, or other damage to a sidewalk is to blame for your injuries, you may seek compensation from a property owner who is negligent. Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum is a local slip and fall lawyer who specializes in these types of cases and who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Not only is our office skilled at deciphering the premise liability laws related to sidewalk defects, but we are also knowledgeable in applying these laws to unique situations to help victims of slip and fall accidents with mounting medical bills.

Call us today at 718-237-5586 or visit our website to learn more about your rights as a slip and fall victim and how we can help.

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