Bus driving down a road

Bus Accidents in New York City and How to Protect Yourself

New Yorkers rely upon city buses to get them around the city every day and getting into an accident is the last thing on their minds during a commute. However, MTA buses get into accidents every day and cause innocent riders to suffer from injuries and even death.

This article will discuss NYC bus accidents in detail, including recent statistics, common patterns, bus safety tips, and who to call for help if you’ve been injured.

NYC Bus Accident Statistics

According to the New York Post, during the most recent three-year period with statistics available, MTA buses were involved in at least 21,823 crashes, which averages about 23 bus accidents per day. During this time frame, at least 2,520 people were injured and at least 14 people died from bus accidents. Meanwhile, school buses were involved in at least 180 traffic accidents in the city. The number of bus accidents, which affect residents in all NYC boroughs, has remained steady in recent years and continue to be alarming so far in 2019.

Common Patterns in Bus Accidents

Common bus accidents include front and back impacts, sideswipes, collisions with fixed objects, and pedestrian encounters. Other causes of bus-related injuries include abrupt stops and turns that make riders fall over or into each other. Pedestrian and cyclist injuries and deaths caused by buses occur far too often, especially when there are not adequate bus lanes to help bus drivers avoid weaving in and out of traffic.

Where Bus Accidents Commonly Occur

Bus accidents often occur at red lights and stop signs when a driver behind the bus does not stop in time and rear-ends the bus. Sideswipe accidents often occur when a driver attempts to pass a bus that has pulled over to drop off or pick up passengers. Bad weather, blind spots, left turns, the erratic driving of other motorists, and bus driver fatigue are all common causes of bus accidents in Brooklyn.

How to Stay Safe Around NYC Buses

As a driver, give NYC buses extra room to stop and turn to prevent accidents. As a bus rider, sit down or hold onto something when you ride to steady yourself in case an accident occurs that is out of your control. Passengers and cyclists must be hyper-aware of buses while crossing streets and making turns in case they are momentarily in a bus driver’s blind spot.

Who to Call After a NYC Bus Accident

Depending on the circumstance, a bus driver or a bus company can be held liable for injuries you suffered while riding a bus or being struck by a bus as a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver. All New York buses must carry no-fault insurance but gaining compensation for your bus-related injuries will likely require more than just this basic type of insurance to make you financially whole again. For example, pedestrians struck and injured by a bus can be covered by the New York City Transit Authority up to $50,000 for medical bills and lost wages. But unfortunately, $50,000 will usually only cover a portion of your losses if you are struck by a bus.

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