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What Are the Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

Automobile crashes are all too common in New York, but pedestrians are especially vulnerable because no human body can withstand the force of a vehicle barreling towards it. Pedestrian-related accidents can be the fault of the driver, pedestrian, both, or another party, but no matter who’s at fault, the results can be devastating for a person on foot.

Here are the main causes of pedestrian accidents so that you can be aware of these common situations and avoid and deal with them accordingly.

Left Turns

Left turns are problematic because drivers and pedestrians are looking in different directions when they occur. Drivers are typically looking at the intersection while pedestrians are looking straight ahead, which means they may not see each other in time.

Not Crossing at Crosswalks

Jaywalking, or walking across the part of a street without a designated crosswalk, is a common reason why pedestrians get hit. Intersections are common accident spots, but simply using a crosswalk makes an accident far less likely.

Distracted Drivers or Pedestrians

Modern technology has made roadway situations less safe for both drivers and pedestrians. Both groups of road users commonly try to multitask, whether it’s by texting, changing music stations, looking up directions, or otherwise using a mobile device.

Alcohol Use

Drunk driving is a common cause of pedestrian accidents because alcohol impairs a driver’s judgement and affects reaction time. However, pedestrians under the influence of alcohol also make poor decisions about when to cross streets and can become reckless in the middle of roadways to cause accidents too.

Wearing Dark, Non-Reflective Clothing

Pedestrians who wear dark colored clothing are more likely to be hit by cars who cannot see them well at night. This is why runners and walkers should wear reflective gear after sunset to make themselves more visible to drivers.

Rolling Stops

Pedestrian accidents occur frequently when a driver fails to come to a full stop at a red light or stop sign, choosing to roll through the traffic signal instead. This commonly happens when drivers are in a hurry and don’t look for pedestrians while trying to rush through an intersection.

Speeding Drivers

People who drive above the speed limit put pedestrians at a higher risk because it is harder to stop quickly in a vehicle when you are traveling at a high speed. A driver can be held liable for an auto accident due to speeding even if a pedestrian was negligent while crossing a street.

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