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Why You Need an Attorney after a Slip and Fall McDonald’s Accident in NYC

Due to the popularity of the McDonald’s fast food chain, there are dozens of McDonald’s restaurants all across New York City. These places are common sites of slip and fall accidents, which can cause severe injuries that have long-term consequences for your health and finances.

Here’s what New Yorkers need to know about slip and fall McDonald’s accidents and when it’s time to call a local personal injury lawyer for help.

How Slip and Fall McDonald’s Accidents Happen

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, but they are especially common in and around McDonald’s restaurants because they tend to be busy and crowded all throughout the day. Spills often happen inside a McDonald’s because customers are distracted while carrying food and beverages to their tables and because staff members are in a hurry to serve customers.

Leaks in the bathroom plumbing can make floors slippery, while rainy and snowy New York weather can create hazards if mats are not placed at the entrances and secured properly. If sidewalks are cracked or pavement is uneven in the parking lot, slip and fall McDonald’s accidents can happen here too.

Common Injuries from Accidents at McDonald’s

When clients come to our law office after an accident in a McDonald’s, they have often suffered bone fractures, back and neck injuries, and head trauma. Concussions, lumbar injuries, and cervical spine injuries are common after this type of incident that leaves a person in pain on a fast food restaurant floor.

If you have suffered from any of these common slip and fall injuries, or even if you think you feel fine when you get up, it’s important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible in case your body is in shock from the fall or if you’ve aggravated an existing condition that isn’t noticeable right away. If you’re physically able, try to take a few photos of the accident scene for future evidence and report your accident to McDonald’s management. Ask people who saw your accident happen for their contact information in case you need witness statements later to prove your case.

Proving Fault in Your Claim Against McDonald’s

As with any personal injury case, it is necessary to prove fault and show that someone else was responsible for the accident that left you injured. Depending upon the circumstances of your case, you might be able to sue the McDonald’s franchise owner, the McDonald’s corporation, or an individual staff member or customer onsite.

But to do so, you must have proof that the person or company had a duty to keep you safe at the McDonald’s, that they were aware of the condition that caused your accident, and that they breeched this duty by not responding or at least not responding inappropriately to correct it. The amount of time that the hazard was in place before your accident and your own potential carelessness are also factors that could affect proving fault in a situation like this.

Damages to Recover for Your Case

After falling in a NYC McDonald’s you may be stuck with mounting medical bills to treat your injuries and provide for long-term rehabilitation. These are often recoverable damages that you can pursue with an experienced attorney by your side.

Keep records of your emergency room visit, costs for x-rays and blood tests, follow-up care with your doctor, and physical therapy costs to submit for your case. You might also be able to recover damages for lost wages if you had to miss work because of your McDonald’s accident, as well as damages for pain and suffering if you experienced depression, PTSD, or other types of directly related mental anguish.

Why Call a Slip and Fall McDonald’s Accident Attorney

If you or someone you care about has slipped and fallen in a McDonald’s in New York City, call the Law Office of Jeffrey Kestenbaum right away. We have represented many people who have had accidents in McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants and been successful in bringing the at-fault parties to justice and securing compensation for our clients. For a free McDonald’s slip and fall consultation, contact us at 718-237-5586 or via online form.

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