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Ceiling Collapse Accidents and Hiring a Ceiling Collapse Lawyer

Whenever most people walk into a room, the last thing they ever expect to happen is having the ceiling collapse on them. However, ceiling collapses are actually more common in New York than you might think, and their effects can be absolutely devastating.

Here’s what you should know about pursuing a lawsuit for a ceiling collapse accident and how to hire a NYC ceiling collapse lawyer to help you win your case.

Causes of Ceiling Collapses

Old, poorly maintained apartments are notorious for having ceiling collapses in New York City and result in falling debris that puts your safety at risk. One major cause of ceiling collapses is plumbing issues in the unit above you that weakens your ceiling. If the building’s landlord doesn’t fix plumbing issues in a timely way, part of the ceiling could fall on you while you are spending time in your apartment or even while you’re sleeping.

A construction defect, structural damage due to storms, and poor maintenance could also cause a ceiling to collapse. Your ceiling may be on the brink of collapsing if you notice sagging, cracks, water damage, or creaking noises coming from above.

Injuries from Ceiling Collapses  

The most common injuries that result from ceiling collapses are head and neck injuries due to the falling debris from above. These types of injuries can be very severe and cause concussions and brain damage. Debris from a ceiling collapse can also cause cuts, bleeding, bruises, and broken bones.

The Role of Landlord Negligence

A landlord may be to blame for a ceiling collapse, but the challenge lies in determining fault and proving negligence. As soon as your ceiling collapses and when you are able to, take some photos of the scene to document the damage and how it has affected your space. Another useful piece of evidence is a prior written request from your upstairs neighbor requesting that the landlord fix a plumbing problem. In New York City apartments, landlords are required to take reasonable care and to prevent emergencies and keep you and other tenants safe from harm.

How a Ceiling Collapse Lawyer Can Help

Fortunately, there are trained legal professionals who are very familiar with ceiling collapse cases and know what it takes to win these types of personal injury lawsuits. Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum is a Brooklyn landlord negligence attorney who will fight for your rights and bring your landlord (or any other at-fault parties) to justice.

After taking care of any injuries that you have sustained from a ceiling collapse, you’ll also want to file an official report with the property owner and retain a copy of the report for yourself. Then call our office at 718-237-5586 to go over the next steps involved in pursuing a case.

Find a NYC Personal Injury Attorney After Your Accident

If you or someone you care about has been injured by a ceiling collapse due to someone else’s negligence, the Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum can help. We can help you understand your landlord’s legal responsibilities and evaluate your case against your landlord due to negligence. You need an experienced legal team on your side to collect monetary compensation for your damages after something as serious as a ceiling collapse occurs.

To learn more about the legal process and for an initial consultation with a ceiling collapse lawyer, please contact us.

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