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When and Why to Call an Electrocution Accident Lawyer in NYC

In this modern world, we depend upon electricity to power our devices, turn on our lights, and run our transportation systems. But while electricity is essential to so many aspects of life, it can also be very dangerous and result in serious bodily harm. A negligent party could also be to blame for an electric shock injury in the workplace when safety precautions are not taken.

Here is some information about what an electrocution accident lawyer does and when it is time to call an electrical shock lawyer if you have been hurt by a hazardous current.

How Electric Shock Injuries Happen

Electrocutions can happen in the home and in the workplace when a person is handling wiring and electricity. Any place with exposed wires and other electrical hazards can result in an electric shock injury. Construction workers may encounter these types of injuries while working with overhead and buried power lines. Professionals who work with roofing, siding, tree trimming, and water and sewer installation are commonly exposed to electrical wiring. Injuries may result due to improper grounding, damaged wiring, and poorly installed equipment.

Fortunately, most electrical shock accidents are preventable by taking extra care while handling wires, turning off power sources before working in dangerous areas, and by following safety protocols in the workplace.

Typical Electrocution Injuries

When the human body comes into contact with electricity through wires, machinery, metal, or power lines, a shock runs through the body. This type of pulse is very damaging to the body and can cause long-term damage to the nervous system, organs, and skin.

High voltage electric currents are more dangerous than low voltage ones and can even result in death. Common injuries include burns on the skin, malfunctioning of the internal organs, reduced cognitive abilities, and ventricular fibrillation. If the heart muscles contract too much due to an electric shock, the heart may actually stop beating.

What an Electrical Shock Lawyer Does

Electrical accidents are usually very serious and cause significant harm to a person’s body. This results in costly medical bills, lost wages from missed time off work, and other damages.

If you or someone you love has been involved in one of these accidents, it is best to call an electrical shock lawyer before talking to insurance companies or allowing anyone to record your statement about the accident. An electrocution accident lawyer will review all of the details of your case and can file a personal injury lawsuit and/or premises liability claim on your behalf to seek maximum compensation for your injuries if someone else’s negligence caused your accident to happen.

Why Choose Us for Your Electrocution Accident Lawyer

Electrocution accidents are just one of the many types of construction accident cases that we help clients with at the Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum. We understand how dangerous construction sites can be if they aren’t properly maintained and safety protocols followed. And we stand up for the rights of construction workers and also non-workers who simply happen to be passing through construction areas and become victims of work site injuries. We are the law firm that New Yorkers trust because we know how to work with experts to evaluate the value of your case and protect you if anyone tries to blame you for your injuries.

To discuss your electrocution accident case and for a free case review, contact our office 24/7 at 718-237-5586.

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