slip and fall in a grocery store

Did You Slip and Fall at Aldi and Suffer Injuries?

Many New Yorkers shop at Aldi to save money on groceries and household items, but getting injured is the last thing they think about while walking through the aisles. Whether you’re shopping at the Aldi store on Nostrand Avenue, Gateway Drive, Flatbush Avenue, or another location, you deserve to be safe from harm at all times while on Aldi property.

This article addresses slip and fall Aldi accidents and how a slip and fall lawyer can help if you have been hurt in an Aldi store.

Why Slip and Fall Aldi Accidents Happen

Aldi stores may seem like pretty safe places at first glance, but a lot of things can go wrong for unsuspecting shoppers. For example, shoppers can be injured by slippery floors, leaks and spills from items on the shelves, and broken grocery carts.

Snowy and rainy New York weather and pallets of items left out to be stocked on shelves can also cause slip and fall Aldi accidents. The injuries that result from these situations could range anywhere from minor bruises to bone fractures, concussions, and spinal cord injuries.

 What to Do After Your Slip and Fall Accident 

After a slip and fall in any grocery store, it is important to first seek medical treatment for your injuries. But while you are still in the store, report your fall to a store manager and collect contact information for the manager on duty and any witnesses who saw you fall. If possible, take some photos of the accident scene and write down some notes to refresh your memory later about the circumstances.

Pursuing a Case Against a Grocery Store

Depending on the details of your Aldi accident case, you could be entitled to compensation for physical, emotional, and financial damages. This is because Aldi stores have a legal obligation to keep their locations safe and free from hazards. But to recover any money from Aldi, you will first need to prove that the store and/or staff were negligent and that one or more third parties were cause of your fall-related injuries.

Rather than instantly settling with an insurance company to expedite the claim, make sure to call a Brooklyn slip and fall law office, such as the Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum. With a skilled attorney on your side who knows how to pursue Aldi for damages, you will have the best chance of success and be able to get back to your normal life.

 Contact a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

The Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum handles slip and fall accident cases that take place in Aldi and other places of business. We know how to prove cases against major corporations, like Aldi, so that you are made whole again and receive the compensation you deserve.

We will help you prove that your injuries are significant and a direct result of Aldi’s negligence by using all evidence available, such as video surveillance footage, documentation in your medical records, witness statements, and credible testimonies. We will also help you prove that the Aldi staff knew about the hazard that caused your injuries or should have known about the problem based on a standard of reasonableness.

To schedule your free legal consultation and tell us about your Aldi incident, contact our office via online form or by phone at 718-237-5586.