How to make sure you get the full compensation you are entitled to if you are injured in Brooklyn

Getting the justice you deserve when you or a loved one is injured also means getting the full compensation you’re entitled to. The question is, how do you win your lawsuit? It all comes down to these factors: the extent of your injuries (damages), the liability or responsibility of the defendant (person, business or municipality) in your case and having a diligent and experienced personal injury lawyer on your side like Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum.

Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer

Will you get full and fair compensation, enough to pay for the medical costs and the lifelong financial , physical & emotional consequences of your injury (pain and suffering)? Or will you settle for an amount that’s not even enough to cover the needs of your family or compensate for your loss of earnings? Of course, you deserve the first. That’s only possible by working with a competent Brooklyn personal injury lawyer who’s willing to fight for your rights.

A good lawyer with years of experience and sufficient knowledge to win your legal battle is your best ally to win the full and fair compensation you deserve. Expect him to win your case and get compensated for the following:

  • Medical treatment. Your award should cover not only your initial medical costs but also the estimated cost of medical care in the future. You need a larger sum to cover recurring injury-related costs for checkups, therapies or medication.
  • Loss of income. Victims of personal injury are forced to stop work temporarily or permanently. A qualified lawyer can get you the salary and wages you’ve lost as well as the money you would have earned in the future, were it not for the injury. Adequate compensation will help victims cover day-to-day expenses and fully recover from the injury without falling into debt.
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering. In addition to bodily pain and discomfort, you should also get compensated for the emotional distress and psychological impact of your accident. If you’re suffering from anxiety, personality changes, and memory loss or sleep deprivation your lawyer should be able to include it in your claim.

You need a competent lawyer to help with your case and make sure your award is a full and fair amount.

Act on your claim today and get fully compensated. Contact the law office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum and schedule your free consultation. If you’re injured and cannot meet us at the office, we will come to you. Call us at (718) 237-5586