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What You Should Know About Grocery Store Slip and Fall Settlements

New Yorkers typically visit grocery stores at least once a week to stock up on food and supplies to prepare meals at home. Having an accident in a grocery store is usually the last thing on our minds as we move through the aisles, but these retail establishments are actually a major cause of injuries because of someone else’s negligence.

Here are some details about how grocery store accidents often occur and how a Brooklyn injury attorney can help with grocery store slip and fall settlements.

Common Causes of Grocery Store Accidents

One of the most common ways that people fall in grocery stores is by tripping over the carpet or mat by the front door. These are in place to reduce wetness when coming in from the outdoors, but they can also pose tripping hazards when they become bunched-up or torn.

Liquid spills, either from an employee mopping the floors or a shopper knocking a liquid item off a shelf, also cause falls. Even solid spills, such as a bag of rice, can be fall hazards. Loose packing materials left on the ground, ice that escapes onto the floor in the freezer aisle, and pooled water by the produce misters can also make you fall while you’re shopping.

Proving Negligence Against a Grocery Store

Grocery stores have a responsibility to keep shoppers safe from hazards, which means that you can sue a grocery store for a premises liability claim after an injury. Even if the grocery store did not create the hazard, it can be held liable for a person’s slip-and-fall injuries if staff was made aware of the condition and did not fix it in a timely way. Therefore, you’ll need to be able to prove that the grocery store staff allowed a spill, torn carpet, or other hazard to exist for an unreasonably long time after being told it existed.

If you slipped and fell immediately after a spill happened, the grocery store probably could not be held liable because there was no reasonable way for a staff member to tend to it before you got there. You may also need to prove that you were exercising reasonable caution while shopping in the store and that you weren’t too distracted to safely avoid a hazardous condition.

Get Help with Your Grocery Store Injury Case

Taking on a grocery store after you’ve slipped and fallen can feel like an uphill battle if you don’t have an experienced lawyer on your side. At the Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum, we will meticulously investigate your claim to find out who was to blame for your injuries by accessing surveillance tapes, interviewing witnesses, and linking injuries documented in your medical records to the accident that occurred.

We understand how dangerous grocery stores can be if they aren’t properly maintained, and we will fight for you and stand up for your rights to the fullest extent of the law. Contact us at 718-237-5586 for your free slip and fall consultation to get started.

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