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Personal Injury Numbers Across the Nation

Posted on December 17, 2015 by

Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer statistics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracks injuries in the U.S. and has found that injuries and violence are the leading causes of death in the nation for individuals ages 1 to 44 when compared to other leading causes of death. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 it is estimated that almost 3 million individuals were hospitalized due to injuries. Almost one million of these personal injuries required time away from work. Continue reading

Brain Injury: Judge Found Doctor at Fault

Posted on September 24, 2015 by

Brain Injury Attorney Bronx

A doctor working out of Bayfront Health Port Charlotte hospital has lost a recent medical malpractice lawsuit, according to a Wink News report. Earlier this year, a jury found Dr. Michael Coffey 70 percent responsible for a 2010 birth that resulted in a severe brain injury. The jury found the hospital, which was named Peace River Regional at the time of the incident, 30 percent responsible. The mother of the child alleges she visited Dr. Coffey, who is still on staff at the hospital, during her pregnancy looking for treatment because of decreased fetal movement as well as other concerns. Continue reading

Construction Accidents on the Rise

Posted on July 14, 2015 by

Construction accident attorneys Brooklyn

In what is just the latest of abnormally dangerous construction-related accidents this year in New York, a recent incident in early June resulted in a 12-ton heating and air-conditioning unit plummeting 30 stories onto Madison Avenue. According to a New York Times report, the number of construction accidents has been on the rise. New York City’s Building Department (NYBD) has recorded eight fatal construction-related accidents just in 2015, the highest it has been since the 2008 boom.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a construction-related accident in New York, whether as a worker or an innocent bystander, contact one of the most experienced construction accident attorneys Brooklyn has to offer. Continue reading

Toddler Dies After Being Hit With Falling Bricks on Upper West Side

Posted on June 8, 2015 by

Toddler Brain Injury Attorney Bronx

A tragic accident occurred in the Upper West Side last month on a quiet Sunday morning, according to a recent Online news report . A portion of a terracotta window at the Esplanade, a senior citizens’ resident on West End Avenue at 74th Street, plummeted eight stories onto a two-year-old and her grandmother who were on a morning stroll. The debris hit the toddler, Greta Green, on the head and caused a severe and fatal brain injury. The grandmother, 60-year-old Susan Frierson, suffered a serious leg injury but survived the incident. If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury, it is important to contact a skilled brain injury attorney Bronx residents can retain in order to ensure you receive just compensation for your damages and/or lost. Continue reading

Bronx Injury Attorney : Injuries on NYC Playgrounds

Posted on May 15, 2015 by

Playground Injury Lawyer Bronx


Playgrounds in New York provide children and their families with a healthy, enjoyable form of outdoor entertainment. Playgrounds, however, can also pose significant safety and health risks for children if they are not properly maintained. For example, injuries can occur from improperly maintained surfaces or protruding nails from playground equipment. Notably, injuries at playgrounds in New York have become an increasing problem. Continue reading

New York Construction Sites Pose Dangers From Above

Posted on April 23, 2015 by

Construction Site Personal Injury Lawyer BrooklynConstruction sites can pose significant dangers for construction workers, especially when adequate safety precautions are not taken. There is, however, another group that also faces dangers from construction sites: pedestrians. A recent online article in the Wall Street Journal looked into the dangers that pedestrians throughout New York City face from construction sites.

According to the article, at least once a month, a pedestrian walking the streets of New York City is injured by something at a construction site. The culprit? New York City pedestrians are injured by a variety of different objects that fall from a construction site or that are improperly maintained. Examples include falling bricks or tools, windblown fences, and collapsing sidewalks. Continue reading

What to Do When You Have Suffered an Injury?

Posted on June 5, 2014 by

Do I Need a Lawyer?

When you are injured due to someone else’s negligence or actions, there are undoubtedly many things racing through your head. Of course, the most important consideration you may face is how long it will take to recover from your accident-related injuries and be back to work and doing the things that you love.

With this, somewhere in the line of questions that will race through your mind will be whether or not to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you recover damages for the injuries that you have suffered. Even if your ultimate goal is to settle the case, it is important to contact an experienced New York personal injury lawyer for a free consultation to help you understand your rights and what options you may have.

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