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Why You Need a Traffic Accident Lawyer by Your Side After an Accident

Thousands of automobile accidents occur every year in New York City, yet many drivers are convinced that it will never happen to them. Yet even the slightest incident of not paying attention or adverse weather conditions can cause devastating effects to an unsuspecting driver’s health, vehicle, and ability to live a normal life.

Fortunately, the Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum is available to help get you through this situation and provide you with dedicated and aggressive representation as your traffic accident lawyer.

Prove Liability 

The most difficult aspect of an auto accident case is often proving liability. It is not always clear to all parties who was at fault, and insurance companies may not agree with your side of the story. A traffic accident lawyer will gather all the necessary evidence to prove liability in your case, which may involve hiring professional investigators and accident reconstruction specialists, visiting the crash scene, and interviewing witnesses.

Deal with Insurance Companies

No one likes to deal with insurance companies, but working with them is even more challenging if you have been involved in an accident. Without the guidance of a traffic accident lawyer, many accident victims are quick to accept the insurance company’s initial settlement offer because they think they have to or just want to get the matter resolved right away. However, this is a sure way to cheat yourself out of the maximum compensation you are entitled to, especially if you have more medical complications that arise in the future.

Navigate Complex Issues

Traffic accidents are sometimes very straightforward matters, but they are often complex ones that have multiple parties involved. More than one driver could have contributed to the accident, as well as a vehicle manufacturer, a trucking company, or a government entity. A traffic accident lawyer can help you identify and pursue all relevant parties involved so that you maximize your compensation.

Expertly Negotiate on Your Behalf

Traffic accident lawyers are expert negotiators and experienced in fighting for your rights to make sure justice is served. Many people are not skilled in legal negotiation strategies or face additional negotiation challenges if multiple parties are involved. A traffic accident attorney will apply the relevant medical knowledge to your case and offer a clear and convincing argument on your behalf.

Recover More Damages

If you need as much money as possible to take care of accident-related medical bills and missed time from work, then you need a traffic accident lawyer on your side. A traffic accident attorney will craft a comprehensive legal strategy to get you the maximum amount of money for your case.

Take Your Matter to Court

Although many automobile accident cases are settled out of court, it is also possible that your claim will need to be decided by a judge in court. At the Law Office of Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum, we are prepared to fight for you in any way necessary, while always listening to your concerns and answering your questions.

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