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What You Should Know About Walgreens Slip and Fall Settlements

There are approximately 564 Walgreens stores in the state of New York, which is great if you’re looking to fill a prescription or pick up convenience items right around the corner. However, accidents commonly happen in Walgreens stores because of the many potential hazards that put customers at risk of serious injuries.

If you have been hurt at your local pharmacy, here’s what you need to know about Walgreens slip and fall settlements.

How Accidents Happen in Walgreens

Although Walgreens stores are generally safe places, there are many things that can go wrong when you are browsing the aisles or picking up your medications. Since Walgreens stores sell beverages, lotions, and other liquids, spills commonly happen and cause people to slip and fall. Dry foods may spill out into the aisles, and various beauty products and housewares can tumble off the shelves and pose tripping hazards.

Slip and fall accidents often happen in and around the bathrooms in Walgreens after staff members have mopped the floors. It is also possible for customers to fall while walking on the sidewalks, in the parking lots, and in the entryways of Walgreens stores due to rainy, snowy, or icy weather.

Proving Liability in a Walgreens Slip and Fall Case

Walgreens store owners and managers have a duty to their customers to keep the store safe and free of hazards to prevent accidents. But to prove a case against Walgreens after a slip and fall, you must be able to prove that a third party breached this duty and that this negligence caused you to become injured.

Pursuing Walgreens Slip and Fall Settlements

It is important to act quickly if you have fallen in a Walgreens store to pursue the at-fault party for damages. This is because there is a statute of limitations for these types of personal injury cases that restricts the amount of time you have to file a claim. This amount of time is three years in New York.

The most important thing to do after you have fallen is to get medical attention for your injuries to take the best care of your health. But while you are still in the store, make sure to let a Walgreens employee know about your fall so that your accident is documented in the company’s records. If you are able, take photos of the accident scene and get contact information from any witnesses to help you prove your case later.

Preventing Slips and Falls in Walgreens

Many slip and fall accidents in Walgreens involve circumstances that are out of customers’ control. However, sometimes customers are at least partially responsible for their own accidents due to carelessness or recklessness.

You may be able to avoid painful injuries, costly medical bills, and legal trouble by simply paying more attention to your surroundings. Don’t text or scroll on your smartphone while walking through a Walgreens store or enter areas that are barricaded off due to cleaning or spills. Make sure your shoes are tied and that you aren’t distracted by the people around you. Not only will these pieces of advice keep you safe, but they will also help you avoid counter-claims of contributory negligence if a Walgreens manager believes that you caused your own injuries.

Where to Get Legal Help After a Fall in Walgreens

If you have had a slip and fall accident in a Walgreens in New York City, we can help. Jeffrey K. Kestenbaum and his legal team have extensive experience with these types of cases and know what it takes to win against a big corporation like Walgreens.

Don’t be intimidated by the power of the Walgreens brand and other major retail chains. If you slipped and fell because of the store’s negligence, we will bring the store to justice and help you pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Big companies like this set aside millions of dollars to pay for such settlements and maintain their good image. You may be entitled to some of these settlement reserves, so let us help you fight and win your case.

To learn more about pursuing a claim against Walgreens and for a free consultation, please contact us at 718-237-5586.

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